Tecflow 4 Stroke Engine Cleaner - Motor cleaner for your 4 stroke engine

Tecflow 4 Stroke Engine Cleaner - Motor cleaner for your 4 stroke engine

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Brand: Tecflow


  • Strong Cleaner suitable for all 4 stroke engines
  • Cleans the fuel system and engine, removes Resin, Gum, Carbon and similar deposits
  • Restores compression and power
  • Reduction of fuel and oil consumption
  • Easy to use and no technical background needed

Publisher: Stam Automotive Products B.V.


Tecflow 4 Stroke Engine Cleaner is a fast action and easy to use product. This is a real treatment which dissolves the pollution in the fuel system up to the: fuel tank, exhaust valves, piston, carburetor, exhaust, cylinders etc... The pollution is transformed into a liquid that disappears with the exhaust gases.


  • Suitable for all 4 stroke engines
  • Dissolves resin, gum, carbon and similar deposits in the fuel system
  • Restores the original compression
  • Restores the original power
  • Reduction in fuel and oil consumption
  • improvement of start-up


Pour a dose of tecflow engine cleaner into the fuel tank. Drive about 10km to let the engine cleaner pass the fuel system and clean the engine.

It is advisable to protect the engine with "Tecflow Ceramic 4 Stroke Engine protector" after cleaning the engine.

Additional Details:

Weight: 0,781 g/cm3
Flash Point: 38 °C
Packaging: 200 ml - Liquid

EAN: 8714237000550